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Improve your investments and change the way you think By using only a percentage of the budget for normal advertising techniques, you can guarantee higher ROI results. Where Google has become the most powerful search engine. Now everyone uses Google to search, with an average of 7 billion search queries per day. With the right keyword analysis, market research, and customer personality, you can reach your audience.

SEO vs Search Engine Marketing SEO and search engine marketing are not competing, they are complementary to each other as both help your website rank higher in search engines. Search engine marketing would not be completely effective without SEO, search engine marketing campaigns are more likely to start in parallel with SEO to get the best results and to improve organic searches.

How it works? When researching and analyzing keywords, you will be able to identify relevant keywords, value bids and contests, and from there decide on a budget to set within a specific time frame and specific geographic locations. Then you leave the rest to google, with a PPC (Pay Per Click) system, google provides direct visibility to your ads/website via the keywords and criteria you selected. When someone clicks on your ads, they start decreasing your budget by a percentage.
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